Basic Fluorescence Microscopy Workshop


February 2016 headed by Ralf Palmisano


The Basics in Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy seminar was a two-day workshop held at the Optical Imaging Centre Erlangen (OICE) which was hosted by Dr. Ralf Palmisano. The workshop was divided into two parts comprising a theoretical and a practical session. The first day of the workshop was based on theory but also contained a short practical interval with detailed instructions on fixation of cells and probe preparation. The theoretical session covered principles of confocal laser scanning microscopy, fluorescence microscopy and basic physical background knowledge concerning confocal laser scanning microscopy and image acquisition parameters. For the second day, the participants were divided into small groups of 3-4 persons. On this day, fixed samples were prepared and visualized at the microscope using Leica CLSM software. The participants also learned how to acquire multi-channel images and to visualize the live cell imaging with Zeiss Spinning Disc.

This workshop is very interesting and beneficial for those who would like to work with confocal laser scanning microscopy and fluorescence microscopy. The workshop helped in gaining an insight into working with the microscopes and a precise idea about the basics involved in microscopy. Therefore, it would be beneficial for those who would like to gain experience in more advanced techniques involved with the microscopy in the future.