Bewerbungstraining/ Job application workshop


June 2015 headed by Dietmar Weber

The two-day workshop headed by Dietmar Weber was divided into the two main topics of job applications: 1) application documents and 2) the job interview. At first, we talked about where we should look for job advertisements and how to read the advert closely, so that we can tailor the application to the requirements of the job. Afterwards, we learned which documents are required when applying for a job, how to write and structure the CV and cover letter and whether photographs should be included in job applications. Therefore, we additionally discussed some good and bad examples to avoid common mistakes. On the second day, we spoke about the body language, how to prepare for a job interview and how to deal with typical and sometimes difficult questions. At the end, we learned how to introduce ourselves in a job interview. We practiced this by having short job interviews in small groups. Some of the attendees used also the opportunity to check and improve their own application documents with Dietmar Weber. It was a great workshop and we learned nearly everything you need to know to successfully apply for a job.