Advanced Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy


January 2015 headed by Ralf Palmisano


The advanced microscopy course was hosted by Dr. Ralf Palmisano at the Optical Imaging Centre Erlangen (OICE). The course itself was divided in one theoretical and one practical session. The theoretical session covered physical background knowledge concerning confocal laser scanning microscopy, as well as important aspects of adjusting the microscope to obtain optimal results when working near the resolution limit.
During the hands-on session the participants now had the opportunity to implement the information given during the theoretical introduction. Using fluorescent microbeads as samples, the microscope was set up to ascertain that the best possible performance was achieved.
The workshop’s target audiences are experienced users of the CLSM, who want to gain further insight into the technical setup and who are willing to learn advanced techniques enabling them to assess and optimize the system’s performance. This will not only be valuable while working with the microscope at the OICE, but also for the work with all confocal microscopes the participants might come across in later years.