Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy


Winter Term 2010/2011 headed by Dr. Ralf Palmisano (Z-Project of the SFB)

Twelve fellows of the Integrated Research Training Group used the opportunity to get a tailor-made workshop in confocal laser scanning microscopy, which was headed by Dr. Ralf Palmisano, the expert for laser microscope techniques within the Z-project of the SFB 796. Within the 2-days workshop, basic principles of microscope approaches were presented with a focus on both, theory and practical training.
In the theoretical part the biophysical background, actual microscope techniques, and the challenges and opportunities of confocal fluorescent microscopy were presented by Ralf Palmisano. His seminar was enriched with a lot of useful tips and tricks to avoid putative pitfalls which may occur during microscope experiments.
The practical training includes all essential steps ranging from the preparation of specimens to the specific training on the hard and software of the Leica TCS SP5 microscope. The participants could directly apply the theory of the lectures to the experiment.