Crystallization Workshop


February 2016 headed by Yves Muller/Benedikt Schmid


The Crystallization Workshop was held by Yves Muller and his group at the biotechnology laboratory in the ZMPT (Zentrum für Medizinische Physik und Technik) in Erlangen. The three-day course was divided in a theoretical and a practical part.
The following contents were discussed at the seminars:

  • How to grow crystals from protein samples?
  • X-ray methods - from protein crystals to protein structures
  • What are the validation criteria for crystal structure?

In the lab, we could then apply our novel knowledge from the seminars:

  • Setting up crystallization experiments by hand and by robot
  • Mounting protein crystals for X-ray data collection
  • Evaluating crystallization trials
  • Collecting and analyzing X-ray data
  • Investigating the quality of protein structures

We received a complete overview for protein crystallization and further data validation and analysis in this course. It was very interesting to improve the knowledge and handling of the specific computer programs. We also learned how to evaluate protein structure data at first sight.