Writing Cover Letters, CVs and Grand Poposals


November/December 2011 headed by Victoia Jackiw

In the winter term 2011/2012, Victoria Jackiw from the FAU Sprachenzentrum conducted a workshop called "Writing Cover Letters, CVs and Grant Proposals" for the PhD students of the SFB. This workshop made us familiar with the typical format and style of an application for a position in the USA or the UK -either at an university or a company. Victoria discussed with us examples of "good" and "bad" cover letters, told us a lot of important facts and pointed out how to avoid common mistakes. We learned the general rules, how to write a convincing curriculum vitae, and about the big differences between German and American CVs. The second part of the workshop focused on grant proposals. We were informed how they are structured and which points have to be mentioned and explained, in which part and to which extent. Finally, every PhD student got the possibility to individually discuss one of his / her own texts (e.g. cover letter, CV, paper or report) with Victoria and received helpful hints and tips. Summing up, this workshop gave us the knowhow for writing international job applications and grant proposals.