Excel Workshop


October 2015


As efficient and time-saving analysis as well as smart representation of scientific data is a basic need for any PhD student, Excel is an efficient and powerful tool. Therefore, another Excel workshop was offered to the members of the SB796 Graduate School in October 2015. During the two days of workshop each chapter was started with an explanation of the application and subsequently the graduate students had the chance to practice the tool themselves. Like this, we were guided through the basic and also some of the more sophisticated functions of Excel. We started with the basic tools of Excel like formatig cells and continued to the use of formulas and functions ranging from basic calculations to more complicated formulas. We also acquainted ourselves with sorting and filtering data in an appropriate way. In the last part of the course we learned  how to graphically present our data to make it easier to analyze and understand. The mixture of theoretical and practical sessions allowed us to refresh and extend our Excel skills in ordert o facilitate our future work in the lab.