Excel Workshop for international doctoral students


September 2013


Excel is a basic tool needed for any PhD student. It helps to analyze and present scientific data in an intelligent and efficient way. Therefore, in September 2013, again an Excel Workshop was offered for the members of the Graduate School. In this case the workshop was given in English and thus especially for the international doctoral students of the graduate school. This was a new offer of the RRZE initiated by the Erlangen School of Molecular Communication. This course was tailor-made for students of the Natural Sciences: A mixture of theoretical and practical sessions. The two days program included the introduction in basic tools of Excel as well as more highly sophisticated applications of the program. Starting with the elementary features like importing data, the use of cells, rows and columns and formatting techniques, we subsequently learned how to use formulas and functions ranging from basic calculations to complex formulas. The second part of the course focused in the organization of data in order to rearrange and analyze the data in a more efficient way according to the special demands. As a complement of the sorting, we also learned how to search and filter specific data by using the auto filter or by a predefined filter we designed ourselves. This helped us to quickly extract certain data from our spreadsheet without requiring reorganization of the data. In the last part of the course, we were guided through the most commonly used features of the Chart Wizard. We learned how to create effective and communicative charts, making the data easier to present, understand and to analyze In summary we can now use Excel as an efficient and powerful tool to improve the handling, organization, analysis and presentation of our data.