Photoshop Course 2014 headed by Volker Hoffmann


November 27 + 28 2014


The workshop “Adobe Photoshop C5.5” by Volker Hoffmann from the VHS (Volkshochschule der Stadt Erlangen) is designed to teach participants to use the essential tools and techniques of Photoshop. This year two courses were offered, one in english and one in german. The 2-days’ course covered the following content:

  • File formats, color spaces, image resolution, histogram
  • Layers and layer masks, smart objects
  • Create selections
  • Contrast corrections, remove color casts
  • Retouching of images
  • Levels, blending mode basics
  • Sharpening of images and the most important filter modules
  • Easy automation techniques as create “actions”

This workshop provides good computer instruments and plenty of image material for participants to practice, and attendees are able to grasp the essential skills of Photoshop with the patient guide from the tutor. This workshop is with great value in improving the skills of picture processing, and is helpful in preparing presentations and scientific papers.