Photoshop Crash-Course headed by Volker Hoffmann


Juli 27/28 2011


On demand of several PhD students, a two-day Photoshop Crash Course was organized. This highly sophisticated program is not easy to handle professionally without training by an expert. Volker Hoffmann from the VHS Erlangen headed this workshop. Normally he is used to have a mixed group of attendees in his VHS courses, but in this case he gave the lecture exclusively for 14 members of the Graduate School. He did an excellent job. In a very friendly and professional atmosphere, he started with an introduction in the basics of Photoshop, like the toolbar and keyboard shortcuts, and proceeded immediately with a challenging and very interesting training in the special features of the program. In these two days we learned many essential Photoshop functions like "layers", channels, different forms of non-destructive techniques etc. This crash course in combination with the detailed handouts of Volker Hoffmann will allow handling Photoshop in a more professional manner in future.