Presenting Professionally


September 2013 headed by Andrea Roos (ICCON, Aachen, Germany)


The workshop was held by Andrea Roos, a consultant and trainer for communication. The aim of this workshop was to provide tools for:

  • preparing and structuring talks
  • delivering talks professionally
  • handle the discussion confidently  

The workshop started with general questions concerning the structure and timing of a talk and the use of alternative verbs that are more precise than the commonly used ones. Furthermore, we were trained in opening a presentation, how to transform nervousness into sovereignty using specific body language and how to speak loudly and slowly. In the second part of the workshop we learned how to manage the question and answer period in a professional manner. We tried to apply the learned tips and tricks by improving an "old” presentation and got feedback on our body language, pronunciation and design of slides. In summary, we were all happy to get the change to improve our presenting skills for future talks.