Presenting Professionally


September 2014 headed by Andrea Roos (ICCON, Aachen, Germany)


The presenting professionally workshop was given by Andrea Roos. The aim of this seminar was to improve the presenting skills of the attendees. For this reason several bullet points were rehearsed:
body language, pronunciation, slide design, presenting data in a professional way, question and answer session. We started with a discussion about the optimal preparation and structuring of talks. Furthermore each participant gave a short talk and was assessed by the other attendees regarding body language and pronunciation which are crucial points for presenting our own data. Finally, we rehearsed strategies to handle different kinds of question and answer sessions. In the end, a talk was given by each participant in whom everyone should acquire these newly learned points. All these points are of particular importance for presenting data in a professional way. This workshop was enrichment for each of the attendees to improve their presenting skills and get confidence for further talks.