Presenting Professionally


September 2015 headed by Andrea Roos (ICCON, Aachen, Germany)


The Presenting Professionally course given by Andrea Roos from ICOON (International Communication Consultancy) was a two days’ workshop for PhD students, aimed to improve their scientific presentation skills. The first part dealt with the presentation itself concerning the structure of the talk, the layout of the slides and the appropriate vocabulary. For this purpose, a useful handout was provided which contained check lists, vocabulary lists and exercises to apply the new knowledge. In the second part, the participants were trained in their delivery style and body language. Here, every attendant had the possibility to perform the first minutes of his prepared presentation in order to practice how to create an interesting and catching introduction. In the third part, it was explained and demonstrated during role-plays how to manage the question and answer session in a sovereign way. As a last point, a final presentation was held by every participant, in which the learned presenting skills were applied. In summary, this workshop was very helpful and can be recommended to everyone who wants to improve his presenting skills.