3rd Annual Retreat of the Erlangen School of Molecular Communication


July 18/19, 2011, Kloster Banz

The third retreat of the SFB 796 took place in Kloster Banz as last year. Some of the graduate students successfully finished their work and many new PhD students joined us. On the first retreat 2009, 18 PhD students gave a talk, while meanwhile 24 of totally 29 PhD students showed the progress of their work. This year, we had some innovations in the program. In order to reflect the different topics within the Graduate School in a more detailed manner, the sessions were divided in five subgroups namely: human pathogens, plant pathogens, structure analysis, viruses and informatics. For the first time we have invited external experts to our retreat representing these areas: Paul Hoskisson (Glasgow, UK), Roland Rad (Cambridge, UK), Roger Goody (Dortmund), Jens Boch (Halle), Christian Sinzger (Ulm) and Rainer Merkl (Regensburg) gave interesting and stimulating talks. They showed new ideas and developments in these fields ranging from bacterial to viral pathogens, new tools in molecular biology and computational molecular biology. Another innovation was that the presentations of the fellows were divided in a talk and a poster presentation. In the talks we showed interesting and important new aspects of our work, whereas the posters allowed a detailed presentation of our projects. During the poster session everybody discussed in a relaxed atmosphere with beer and wine. Last but not least the SFB 796 donated two new prizes, an award for the "Best Poster" and second one for the "Best Cooperation" between the PhD students of the graduate school. The external speakers made a great job in discussions, coaching and selecting the winner of the poster award. To sum up, despite missing recreation, it was a successful and interesting meeting in a nice atmosphere. See you again, Kloster Banz.