5th Annual Retreat of the Erlangen School of Molecular Communication


July 29/30, 2013, Kloster Banz

The 5th annual retreat of the Erlangen School of Molecular Communication was held again in Kloster Banz. The slogan of this year was “old meet young” because the graduate school is currently dived into two groups: the experienced PhD students who are on the way to finish their PhD work and many new fellows who started the PhD project this year, because the second founding period of the SFB 796 started 2013. The talks given by the members of the two groups had be very interesting in either way: On the one hand, many experienced fellows showed the “missing link” to complete the whole story, whereas on the other hand the new colleagues presented interesting outlines and first results. Again the “best talk award” was confered on the basis of voting made by graduate students and again the voting sowed a very clear result indicating that there is a common sense of what are the characteristics of an excellent talk.
In order to get new ideas and input again five speakers, who are experts in the different interdisciplinary fields of the SFB 796, were invited to the meeting. This year Ralph Hückelhoven (Technische Universität Weihenstephan), Karl Rohr (Universität Heidelberg), Klemens Rottner (Universität Bonn), Barbara Schmidt (Universität Regensburg) and Lutz Schmitt (Universität Düsseldorf) have given stimulating talks in the fields of plant pathogens, bioinformatics, human pathogens, virology and structure biology. They not only showed new ideas and developments in their field of expertise but also discussed lively and gave a lot of new inputs throughout the conference.
Our retreat was again a nice opportunity to get to know each other -the former and new members of the SFB which will stimulate the collaborations and exchange of ideas in future.