7th Annual Retreat of the Erlangen School of Molecular Communication


July 13/14, 2015, Schloss Hirschberg

The 7th annual retreat of the Erlangen School of Molecular Communication took place in Schloss Hirschberg. This year, the scientific talks were divided in four subgroups (viruses, bacterial and eucaryotic pathogens, plant pathogens and protein structure and bioinformatics). Each session started with a keynote lecture from invited speakers, who are experts in the interdisciplinary fields of our SFB, followed by short scientific talks of PhD students. Lars Dölken from the University of Würzburg opened our meeting with his presentation in the viruses session and in the afternoon our guest Petra Dersch from Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research presented her research in the next session. The poster session with 16 posters from PhD students completed the scientific program of the first day. In the evening, all participants were invited to get to know each other and to discuss lively the research projects. The second day started with plant pathogens session, which was opened with the talk of our guest Christophe Ritzenthaler from Strasbourg followed by the last talks of PhD students. All the participants of the retreat had the opportunity to vote for the best presentations and posters and subsequently, both, the poster prizes and the presentation prizes, were awarded by Andreas Burkovski. The retreat was once again a nice opportunity to get to know each other -the former and new members of the SFB which will stimulate the collaborations and exchange of ideas in future.