Company visit to Sanofi, Frankfurt a.M.


February 2016

The GRK PhD students' trip to Sanofi, located in the industry park Hoechst next to Frankfurt, started with an introduction by a HR manager. We were briefly introduced into the history of the company from its very beginning as well as its composition today. Next to general information on Sanofi, we were given insights into needs and requirements of entering Sanofi as an employee. A member of the research department gave us advice about making the choice between science and industry, regarding the possibilities and obligations, according to her own experience. Moreover, we were offered a tour to the protein crystallography laboratory, including presentation and explanation of the equipment by the lab manager. We were also experiencing a brief introduction into modelling of small molecules by the aid of 3D simulations. Having checked on one of the company's restaurants, we went on a bus tour discovering the impressive area. Next to its gigantic dimensions with 4 km² and about 10k people working for Sanofi, Bayer, Clariant and others we were explained the symbiotic ties between the different companies in the industry park and its overall importance.