Susanna Krapp


JP02 Begomoviral transport proteins in human cells

Principal investigator
Björn Krenz/Manfred Marschall

Steffen Backert

Functional analysis of the begomoviral nuclear export complex in plants and human cell lines

Begomoviruses are agro-economical important plant pathogens belonging to the family Geminiviridae. This family is one of the largest and most important families in plant viruses, which are insect-transmitted and composed of a circular ssDNA encapsulated in a twinned quasi-icosahedral virion. Abutilon mosaic virus (AbMV) is a bipartite begomovirus with two circular ssDNA molecules as genome: DNA A and DNA B. Both genome components are relatively small (2.5 – 3.0 kb per single-stranded DNA circle) and the replication takes place in the plant nucleus. The systemic infection of plants requires the permeation across two cellular barriers, the nuclear envelope and plasmodesmata. The two DNA B-encoded proteins, the nuclear shuttle protein (NSP) and movement protein (MP), mediate the viral transport processes through these barriers. Several studies provide evidence that NSP facilitates trafficking of viral DNA into and out the nucleus, and that MP serves as a membrane adaptor and mediates cell-to-cell transfer via plasmodesmata as well as long-distance spread through the phloem. Earlier studies have shown that the geminiviral transport proteins of AbMV induce characteristic changes in the plant nuclear architecture. The investigation of these alterations in the plant nuclear envelope and the composition of the plant nucleus inner membrane are part of our research. Furthermore, we want to examine the behavior of the AbMV transport proteins in human cell lines.

Figure: HeLa cell expressing the AbMV MP tagged with YFP (yellow), nucleus stained with DAPI (blue) and F-actin staining with rhodamine phalloidin (red).






October 2016 8th Annual Retreat, Erlangen School of Molecular Communication, Schloss Schney, Lichtenfels, Germany
”Plant stress granules: a target for plant viruses?!”
October 2015 2nd International SFB 796 Conference: Mechanisms of microbial host cell manipulation: From plants to humans, Erlangen, Germany
”Impact of begomoviral transport proteins in mammalian cells”
July 2015

7th Annual Retreat, Erlangen School of Molecular Communication, Schloss Hirschberg, Beilngries, Germany
”Geminiviral MP´s in human and animal cells”